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How to fix a misaligned bite

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Misaligned bites affect many people across the globe. Also known as misaligned jaws, the issue affects not only the appearance and oral health, but it may cause overall health and emotional discomfort. There are a few types of misaligned bites that we will go through further in detail for your information and action if required, so read this article to the end, if you suspect of having the same issue.

Misaligned jaw refers to an orthodontic condition, where the upper jaw and lower jaw are not lined up when the mouth is closed

What is a misaligned or crooked jaw?

Misaligned jaw refers to an orthodontic condition, where the upper jaw and lower jaw are not lined up when the mouth is closed. Overbite and underbite are the two most common misalignment. Overbite happens when the upper jaw sits in front of the lower jaw and likewise, underbite refers to the condition where the lower jaw rests in front of the upper jaw. If left untreated, the patient would have difficulties with day to day activities like eating and speaking. Unfortunately children with the misaligned condition may be teased by other children which may cause severe mental and emotional problems. As such, it is very important for the condition to be considered and treated appropriately.

How is a misaligned jaw treated?

Generally misaligned jaws require orthodontic treatment. However , there are other treatment options based on the severity of the case. Now, let’s see what are the options available to fix a crooked jaw.

  1. Traditional metal braces fix most crooked jaws

Traditional metal brace fixes crooked jaws in most cases. In metal braces method of treatment, the braces are attached to the teeth and tightened by using wires and elastics. The braces remain tied to your teeth until the teeth and jaw are lined up and placed in the right position.

  1. Removable aligners are the most convenient bite treatment option
Invisalign is the most convenient treatment for misaligned bites.

One of the  most convenient treatment options is clear aligner. Known as invisalign treatment, it basically acts like traditional braces that push teeth to be placed in the right position. The invisalign is made from clear plastic material. It is almost not visible by others, so there is no cosmetic and appearance concern for patients who use invisalign braces. Invisalign is the  most convenient treatment as they are removable and invisible. 

  1. Jaw surgery is the treatment option for serious crooked jaw

In the more severe cases, where the orthodontic treatment like metal braces and invisalign don’t work, a jaw surgery is needed. Even though the surgery is not the preferred option for most patients suffering from serious jaw misalignment, the treatment will permanently cure the condition and your day to day activities will be improved considerably.

How to know if your jaw is crooked?

Even though in severe cases, patients are able to see the misalignment of their jaws, the best way to make sure is to speak with a professional dentist. In addition to diagnosing the misalignment condition, your dentist is the best person to make a decision on the proper treatment option that suits your condition best. Dorsa Family Dentistry is always here to help if you are in concern of having any type of dental disease or experiencing an issue with your oral health. If you are in need, do not hesitate to contact us and book your consultation appointment with us. We are fully committed to provide you with appropriate treatment based on your condition.


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