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What are the treatment options for a missing tooth

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How to replace one or few missing tooth

Teeth don’t last forever. Over time, people lose their teeth due to gum diseases, injury, aging and genetic conditions. You must replace a missing tooth, as the negative impact on people’s appearance and smile, is the first and simplest thing, when it comes to a missing tooth. However, leaving a missing tooth untreated, in most  cases, has severe oral health consequences.

Even a single untreated missing tooth will end you up with a deteriorated jaw bone as well as causing your other teeth to shift toward the empty space, so gaps will appear between your teeth. Long story short, a missing tooth is not only a cosmetic dentistry issue, but also an oral health condition that must be treated at your earliest possible. 

Now that you are more familiar with the importance of replacing your missing tooth, we will take you through the options that you have to replace your missing tooth.

1- Dental implants

Dental implants are the best treatment solution to replace a missing tooth. The procedure contains surgery including cutting the gum to screw the implants into the jaw bone. it is considered as a life-time treatment and no need for check-up regularly. Even though it is the most expensive treatment option, it is a highly recommended solution to replace a  missing tooth due to many advantages associated with.

2- Dental Bridge

There are basically two types of dental bridge. Implant supported bridge is the first type which can be a good solution for several missing teeth in a row. In case of multiple teeth missing, there is no need to replace every single tooth with an implant. Instead, only two teeth at the both ends are secured in place by implants and the missing tooth in between will be secured in place without any screwing. 

The second type is a tooth supported bridge which is more economical in comparison with implant supported type. In this method, a dental crown is placed on the teeth that are next to the missing ones and cemented. 

Dental bridges look natural and are more affordable, however they are not a permanent solution and must be replaced over time.

3- Removable partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a simpler and more affordable option for patients with  few missing teeth in a row. Even though it is the cheapest option, it comes with some disadvantages such as needing to be removed and cleaned every night and lack of natural appearance.  

Wrapping up

It is crucial for you to go through a treatment procedure ,if you have a missing tooth. An untreated missing tooth not only damages your appearance and smile, but would cause several oral health issues including jaw bone deterioration, gap between your teeth and even difficulty in chewing food.

Here are Dorsa Family Dentistry,  we are more than happy to help by providing the best treatment solution to suit your needs best. Feel free to contact us and book an appointment with  our dentist in our Corpus Christi office for a complete evaluation of your general oral condition. Don’t worry about the financials as we gave some financial options on offer. We hope to see you soon.        


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