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What is Invisalign Treatment?

Dentist Corpus Christi, TX

Invisalign is an orthodontics treatment to align or move the teeth. Unlike metal braces, invisalign is made from clear materials and also can be taken on and off, so they are not noticeable at all. Invisalign helps teeth to move gently and locate in the right place over time. With invisalign, you don’t need to be worried about your appearance and smile, like you might have been with a metal brace. If you are looking for an invisalign in Corpus Christi, it is recommended to read this article to the end and then make your decision.

What dental problems are treated by Invisalign?

Invisalign is made from BPA free plastics to treat quite a few cosmetic problems as listed below:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Open Bite
  • Gap Teeth
  • Crossbite

Treatment by invisalign is far more comfortable and takes shorter time, in comparison with metal braces and like mentioned above, it is almost invisible.

What is the age limitation for invisalign treatment?

There is no age limitation for being treated by invisalign. You can be a parent who is looking for treatment for your child tooth misalignment. Invisalign braces is a perfect solution for your children. Alternatively, if you are an adult and not happy with your tooth appearance, we would like to assure you that invisalign is a perfect adult orthodontics solution too.

How does the invisalign treatment work?

As the first step, you will go through an examination by the dentist and utilize an X-ray for your brace to be specifically crafted for you and  based on your tooth problem. Once the plastic brace is ready, the patient wears it. Going forward, the aligner must be changed every two weeks or so and over time the tooth will be gently straightened. Over the treatment period, the brace must be worn day and night and should only be taken out when eating, drinking or brushing your teeth.

What are the advantages of invisalign treatment?

With invisalign treatment, it is easy to look after tooth health by easily take it out and brush your teeth.

There are many advantages associated with treatment with invisalign aligners that makes it a very beneficial investment for your teeth and your smile appearance. Here are the most important ones:

  • The treatment time is usually shorter than treatment with metal braces.
  • They are made of clear BPA free plastic material, so you don’t need to be worried about your smile appearance.
  • Taking care of your dental hygiene is much easier than metal braces, as you can easily take invisalign aligners out to brush your teeth.
  • The treatment is more precise than the treatment with traditional braces.
  • You feel more comfortable when you wear an invisalign, in comparison with metallic fixed appliances. 

How long the whole invisalign treatment process takes?

On average, it takes around 12 months for the treatment to completely work and your tooth moves to the right place. During the treatment period, the patient must be visiting the dental office every two to four weeks to check how the treatment is progressing and to change the aligner to fit with the new tooth position. Even though the required time varies case by case and depends on the severity of the tooth misalignment, it takes around a year for a complete treatment on adult cases. 

How much does an invisalign aligner cost?

The cost of an invisalign is reasonably affordable and they are usually covered on some insurance plans. However, the exact cost of an invisalign is only known, once you visit a dental office and go through a check-up by an experienced dentist. That is because the cost depends on the severity of your tooth misalignment and the required treatment time. There are also financial options that are offered by dental offices that you can take advantage of. If you are thinking of making a change, feel free to contact Dorsa Family Dentistry to book for a free consultation session.


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